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Solutions for your Small Business

We understand small business because we have been working with small businesses for 15 years.  We know that your most valuable asset is your time, and there is nothing more frustrating than computer problems.  See how we can help provide solutions for your technology needs.

Problem Solving

Each company has its own needs and challenges.  Let us come in to help you solve your tech problems.  We have been very successful helping companies save money, time and other resources.  


You are only as strong as your weakest point.  That is true in your network security.  We offer secure “guest-access” wifi, firewalls to provide secure connections for your office environment, secure backups and many other security features for your business.

Web Design & Development

Whether you need a small website or a complex web store, we are able to meet your needs.  Buchanan Networking can offer graphic design, logo and branding solutions, as well.  We can also help you boost your web presence with SEO and other online tools.

Network Setup

Buchanan Networking started by doing electrical wiring, then progressed to network wiring.  We can now handle all types of wiring and setup.  We offer solutions to connect buildings on the same campus, as well as connecting buildings in other cities.

Business Solutions

We can offer a variety of solutions because we have worked with so many different companies over the years.  Whether you are needing Project Management for Field Superintendents or multiple offices connected to share resources such as phones, printers and fax numbers, we can handle that task.  

If you need remote connections to your office from around the world or just the ability to scan to a folder from the other side of your office, we are ready to help.

Business Software

Whether you use Microsoft Office 2003 or the Office 365 solution, we can help install, setup and train.  We also have years of experience in billing software, medical software and numerous other software platforms. 

Web Design

We can handle all types of website design and upgrades for your small business.  To learn more about the web services we offer, click here.

Custom Computers

We can design and build a custom computer for your specific needs.  With the end of support approaching for Windows 7, we can offer numerous solutions to keep your business running smoothly.