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Is your website important?

We live in a society completely immersed by technology.  Everyone has accepted the the place that the internet has taken in our daily lives.  Even if you have somehow managed to refrain from online immersion, the internet remains the most relevant mechanism of communication for most businesses.

A good website communicates your companies purpose and passion.  Unfortunately, a bad website also communicates something.  It can communicate that your company is not keeping up with changes as they come.  

Websites Built by Buchanan Networking

Below you will find a few of the examples of websites we have built. 

Medical Sleep Solutions

This site was built 4 years ago and is the fourth website I have built for this company.  Website built using WordPress.  Visit Site

Non-Typical Pipeline

This company has two websites built by Buchanan Networking.  They have their company site as well as a WooCommerce Store.  Visit Site

Mike Bricker and Associates

Site built 5 years ago using HTML 5 and Dreamweaver. Visit Site

FBC Coldspring

This website is built using WordPress and integrates a video page as well as online giving.  Visit Site

The Rock and Crown

This site was built using WordPress.  This is a custom site with a store designed to utilize PayPal and Square.  It also integrates into MailChimp and several other useful services for a small business.  Visit Site

Buchanan Networking

Obviously we built our own website.