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More information about the services we offer.

What does “computer work” mean?
  • We can install, upgrade, backup, protect and replace your computers.
  • We also build custom computers to meet specific applications.
Windows Server and Virtualization
  • We can upgrade old Windows servers.
  • Many small businesses still benefit from “on-premise” server solutions.  With the reduced cost in machines and reality of virtualization, we can build a server at a better price than in the past.
  • We can also build custom servers to virtualize older installations that must continue to run.  We have been successful keeping older programs functional with virtualization.  If you’re interested in this possibility, give us a call.
Scanned files and Network Scanning

Most multi-function printers come with the ability to scan directly to your PC.  However, that typically requires advanced setup.  If you aren’t comfortable with the advanced setup what generally happens is you install the software that comes with the printer and use their software to scan to your computer.  Here are the benefits to setting up your network scanners.

  • No software required.  The printer software usually comes with unnecessary components that make your computer run more slowly.
  • Scan to any computer in your office.  We’ve seen offices where they only use one or two computers for scanning because they are the only ones connected to the scanner.  So, people are always asking to use the “scanner” computer.
  • Scan a file automatically as a .pdf or .jpeg without converting through software.  Most scanners will allow you to do this when they are setup.
Wireless networks and your responsibility

Many people do not realize they are responsible for the activity that happens behind their wireless network.  Your internet provider is keeping a record of your activity as required by the government.  If one of your employees is watching a bootleg copy of a movie on your internet connection, you are responsible.  

  • We typically setup “Guest Access WiFi” so that employees and customers can enjoy wireless; however, the office is protected.
  • We can configure your wireless to keep non-business related devices separate from the network.  This configuration protects you from potential virus attacks.
  • We can also configure your network to block sites as needed.  Some WiFi routers will allow this; however, we also do this configuration through our firewall setup.   
What is a “firewall” and do I need one?

In the past, only an office requiring remote connectivity needed a firewall.  However, we are installing more firewalls than before because they offer a higher level of protection.  Here are just some of the benefits of installing a firewall.

  • Firewalls can monitor incoming and outgoing internet traffic.
  • Firewalls can keep people from downloading unverified software.  They also keep people from visiting unverified sites.
  • Firewalls can be configured to also monitor and limit internet activity.  If you are needing to monitor your employees’ web activity or limit what sites they can visit, a firewall may be a good solution.
  • Firewalls DO NOT replace anti-virus software.  They are an added layer of protection.  Their purpose is to protect you and your business. 
  • To learn more, please contact us.
What Website services do you offer?

Buchanan Networking can meet all of your website needs.  Some of the more complex web design elements will get contracted through a few web designers we have worked with over the years.  However, almost all of our website work is done “in-house.”

  • Complete website design.  If you do not have a web page, or don’t like anything about your current website, we can tackle the whole project.
  • Upgrade!  Sometimes people like their logo and color scheme; however, they realize their page is dated and needs to be freshened up to look current.  In this case, your content is generally good; therefore, so much of the work has already been finished. 
  • Online store, online forms for doctors offices or just a simple contact form, online registration and payments.  
What “Automation” services do you offer?

Voice automation was something we dreamed about or saw in movies.  However, it is quickly becoming a reality.  With “Alexa” and “Google Home” you can now automate tasks in your home or business.  Here are some of the ways we can help.

  • Voice Control of Lighting, Audio/Visual equipment, door locks and many other devices.
    • These all require purchase of accompanying items.  (smart switches, smart door locks, etc.)
  • Voice Control of your Audio/Visual entertainment experience.
    • Turn your volume up/down
    • Turn off your devices
    • Choose what to watch and even change devices/inputs
  • Voice Control to see installed cameras.


Let us show you the different options in automation for your home or business.

Web Design

We can handle all types of website design and upgrade for your small business.

Custom Computers

We can design and build a custom computer for your specific needs.