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Pricing…You charge how much?

One of the hardest things is trying to figure out how much to charge someone.  We have three different options listed here, along with some explanations about pricing.

Hourly Fee


If you just need help installing a program or any other “one-time” assistance, this is probably your best option.

Retainer Fee


Many businesses prefer to have a set amount to budget.  There are many benefits to setting up a “retainer” plan.

Job Estimate


If you are upgrading computers, moving email, need a website built….this is probably your best option.

Frequent questions…

Why do you charge $100 an hour?

Overhead.  Even in a computer business, there are monthly charges we have to absorb.  Some examples are:

  • Remote Software subscriptions.  This is what allows us to connect to client computers to offer assistance anytime/anywhere.
  • Vehicle.  We don’t charge fees for “trip”; however, that is still a reality that we have to cover.
  • Equipment.  Yes, we have to replace our own equipment and keep necessary tools as the technology changes.

Will there be any “hidden” fees?

NEVER.  I’ve never had anyone complain about hidden charges.  I’d prefer to communicate up-front and if, somehow, we miss something….we’ll figure it out.  Building a relationship is far more important.

What payments do you accept?

ANY.  In our digital age, we are setup to accept credit card, check and are still willing to take cash.

What hours do you work?

You cannot schedule computer issues.  We have worked many late nights, early mornings and weekends.  We can adjust our schedule to fit your work hours.  In fact, many times it is much easier for us to work after hours so we have complete access to systems without slowing you down….or you slowing us down.

We can come in and setup our remote access, complete a task and then you disable the remote access.  The software we use also shows a history of all access to your PC so there is never a question of who accessed your computer and when.