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Got wiring?

Whether you are building a new office space or need new wires run in your existing location, Buchanan Networking has you covered.

  • Standard ethernet wiring.
  • Multiple monitors or shared displays.
  • Projectors, kiosk display.
  • Smart panels

Expand the links below for more information about the wiring and installation services we offer.

New Office Space

Here are some of the wiring services we provide for new office spaces.

  • Computer and phone wiring
  • Server room and switches
  • Intercoms
  • Projectors
  • Lighting controls
  • Audio equipment
  • Much more
Old Office Space

Keeping your office current can be challenging.  There are always more options becoming available.  Here are some of the conversion and upgrades we have done in the past.

  • Convert old phone system to network wiring.
  • Pull new wiring using existing locations.
  • Convert ethernet wiring to HDMI or SDI to support 4k video.

While we all love the improvements in WiFi, we do not use WiFi for connecting equipment or devices unless it is absolutely necessary.  Nothing will match the performance of hard-wired devices.  Wireless connectivity adds another security concern to your network.  

Video Options

Standard options:

  • Dual monitor setup
  • Mirrored monitors for presentation rooms
  • TVs or Kiosk monitors in public areas

Special projects:

  • Projectors in conference rooms
  • Smart panel controls
    • Buchanan Networking can program smart panels to control input devices to multiple classrooms, exam rooms as well as switching between multiple sources.
  • Terminal and Remote Desktop solutions for medical offices
  • Many other options and services
Audio Options

We have been active in the audio business for over 20 years.  We have the answer for all of your audio needs.

  • Intercoms
    • Intercoms with controls to remote switches such as doors.
  • Indoor and Outdoor paging systems
  • Conference room wiring
  • Multi-purpose facility wiring.  
    • Ceiling speakers for speaking environments.
    • Permanent sound system installs for live music events.
  • Theater or auditorium audio systems.


We can setup your office wireless and allow safe guest access.

Network Folders

Setup your office shares and control access by user account.

World Wide Web

We can design your website or we can come in to modify and update as needed.

Support Options

We can offer face-to-face support or connect to you remotely.  

Network Printers

Get the most out of your network printer/scanner with correct setup.


We can manage, install and even virtulize your server environment.

Home Automation

Home automation has become more realistic than ever.  Contact Us

SSL Security

We can setup secure access to you office and link multiple offices through VPN.