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Negotiated Contract

What is a Negotiated contract and is it the best option for me?  This means we have agreed upon a monthly fee and amount of time or services that Buchanan Networking will commit to provide for your business. 

Typically this can cover all of your maintenance, updates and yearly installs/improvements.  It does not typically cover large projects; however, we are definitely willing to work on any solutions that can work for both.

Negotiated Services

  • Backup (Servers and Critical Machines)
  • Updates
  • Repairs (Keeping your computers, printers and other devices running.)
  • Install (Install new computers, wifi setup, new printers/scanners.)
  • Setup and Upgrade (Any setup of your office network and continued improvements as needed.)
  • Other services as negotiated.

Project Pricing


We are happy meet with you and hear your needs.  This meeting is always free, and many times we can help identify other options.  We will come see your setup and give you different pricing options to meet your needs.

Multiple Stage Project

Sometimes you have to plan upgrades and changes over a long period of time.  We can give pricing estimates for long-term projects.  Whether you are needing to spread the cost over a time period or just trying to reduce down time, we can work on your schedule.

Single Project

If you have all of your day-to-day needs covered but need a website built, or a custom computer, or any other one-time/as needed project completed, we can give you a specific price to complete the task.

Payment on Completion

While some projects may require a deposit for expensive items, we typically do not ask for any payment until completion.  If this is a multi-staged project we will agree on the payments or payment schedule in the beginning.  However, most projects will not be billed until completion.

Hourly Pricing

If you need help quickly and don’t want a monthly commitment, we are happy to come on an hourly basis.  We have a 1 hour minimum and can typically schedule within 24 hours.  We are excited to help in any way possible to keep your business running smooth and your budget under control.


We can set up your office wireless and allow safe guest access.

Network Folders

Setup your office shares and control access by user account.

World Wide Web

We can design your website or we can come in to modify and update as needed.

Support Options

We can offer face-to-face support or connect to you remotely.  

Network Printers

Get the most out of your network printer/scanner with correct setup.


We can manage, install and even virtualize your server environment.

Home Automation

Home automation has become more realistic than ever.  Contact Us

SSL Security

We can setup secure access to your office and link multiple offices through VPN.